So Long and thanks for all the Beef!
So, after 5 years and over 2000 miles of travel the time has come to say good night to the jerky shack, this is not the end for good maybe, but good night for now, maybe one day we will be back smoking again but for now, Thanks for all those that have tried our products and thanks to all those events we have been to! Good luck to all our friends out there.



Head smoker


What is Jerky?

Jerky is an ancient method of preserving meat, namely beef traditionally but can also be venison. As a preservation method jerky goes back thousands of years. In hot sunny climates meat is air dried, but this does not work in the UK due to the humidity, so meat would be dried above fires, Drying above a fire has the added benefit of smoking the meat adding another flavour but also improving the preservative effects. (Smoke contains natural sulphates and coats the meat in a protective layer). At some point in the past herbs and spices  were added to the meat to improve the flavour further, Traditionally in the UK these would be salt, juniper, Comfrey and many other herbs forgotten to us now.